Sins of the Demon

Sins of the Demon - Diana Rowland

Warning, book ends in a cliffhanger.
It's been about a year since I read the last book. I remembered enough/enough reminders in this one and I was able to pick right up. So, 3 people have had things happen to them. It turns out there are all people who wronged Kara in the past. Add to that a mayor who has it out for her and she is a murder suspect. 
I enjoyed that one for the dynamics between all the characters. Jill, Zack, Ryan all have decent roled to play in this one. Add to that, what was suspected about Ryan is, IMO, pretty much confirmed in this one. The rouge summoner was a surprise. Eilahn was definitely my favorite character in this book. Her enthusiasm for getting a pet, Christmas decorations, etc just made me smile. I really hope she makes an appearance again. What's poor, little Fuzzykins going to do?


More for my memory- (spoiler behind page break) just in case:



Ryan is an exiled demon lord- Sezrain. He has no knowledge/memory of that. Exactly what he did is unknown. Zack is tasked with his protection. He and Jill are in love and Jill is pregnant (unexpected).  Book ends with Kara being summoned to the demon realm.