Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Serena's best friend Mel saw her boyfriend (using term loosely) glow while arguing with his brother. She tells Serena. Naturally Serena doesn't believe her. But then, Mel is murdered in front of her eyes. This leads to Hunter being sent in to find out what she knows (and protect her). 
What worked: 
I liked the concept of the Arum and Luxen. Some of the descriptions during the love scenes were funny. ("His sex...," he is "thick and demanding....") 
What didn't:
Serena was meh. I thought she behaved inappropriately at times. This was when she would think how HOT Hunter was. She did this the first time they met. In the garage when Mel was killed. (I thought WHAT?!) Thinking about Hunter's appendage after he took her somewhere after her attempted murder (this was after being asleep for 2 days too. And not knowing where she was.). Then going after a certain someone. That was dumb. I could go on. But I won't. I'll spare you.
Then there's Hunter. He's an asshole. A big one. I didn't like when he felt Serena up while she was sleeping (but hey, she moaned, so it's okay!). OH HELL NO. I. Didn't. Like. Him. Since he's an alien, he soooooo superior to humanity. Well, he can take that attitude and shove it up his ass.
I also didn't care for the first person alternating points of view. If the chapters were labelled with who was narrating, I would have been (slightly) less annoyed. (Granted, you can easily tell who is narrating, but I still like my labels).
This was the first time I've read this author. Some of the reviews I read compared Serena and Hunter to the couple in the YA series in this same universe. While it sounds interesting, I probably won't read since I really hated Hunter (and I have zero interest in reading about a Luxen version of him).


Halloween Bingo:  Aliens (not called yet as of 9/14)