Seducing the Hunter

Seducing the Hunter - Vivi Anna

Daeva was sent back to hell by someone she loved. 3 years later, Quinn is in need of her help. Quinn, is the keeper of a key that opens a box that could be hazardous to mankind. He has that key stolen and now needs to find the box it opens in order to protect it. Daeva is the only one to know the location of said box.
I wasn't crazy about Quinn in the previous box. I thought he was uptight and too quick to judge. Daeva, on the other hand, I did like and thought she could do much better. I don't think Quinn groveled or suffered enough in this one. Daeva did pretty much all the work. Quinn does eventually see things in a more gray light. I did like how he gradually realized he was wrong and how their relationship progressed as a result. I thought the ending a bit rushed. 
Overall, not bad.

For Halloween Bingo, will use this for the demons square.


Another Harlequin Nocturne book with an ISBN number that belongs to a completely different book (A House for Sharing by Isobel Chace;  published in July 1965).

ISBN at B&N is 9781460343869; listed page count is 304 (mine is 299).  

Kindle is correct with ASIN, but 2 different page counts on the Amazon page (none of which match what my book is)- 162 and 188.