One Summer Night

One Summer Night (At the Shore Book 1) - Caridad PiƱeiro

eARC courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley
Release date: Oct 3rd


There is a lot happening in this one. Maggie partially owns her family business with her dad (and other shareholders of course). The retail division is losing money, due in part, to her dad being rigid and not wanting to change anything. Maggie has mortgaged 2 of the family's properties to keep them afloat and she will lose her home (and vacation home at Sea Kiss) if she can't turn things around. 
Owen is part owner of his family's real estate empire. His father disinherited his brother Jonathon when he wouldn't do what he wanted. His father hates the Sinclairs and wants their retail properties. Owen walks a fine line trying to have both what he wants and his father's approval.
I enjoyed this one, in part, because of the family history. Maggie grew up next door to Owen and his brother in Sea Kiss. Things happen and they run into each other periodically as they grew up, attend college, and then in the city. I liked this for the slow burn romance at first, then it became so much more quickly. Maggie does grow a spine and talks to her dad about his refusal to make changes. I assume Maggie's friends, Connie and Emma get their HEAs in future books. (I'm hoping Connie's is first; I think some of her story was happening concurrently with Maggie's. I also suspect she is pregnant).