The Red Lily

The Red Lily - Juliette Cross

Yay! This is Sienna and Nikolai's story! A Little Red Riding Hood retelling- but this stands on it's own too. Sienna is the Lady of the Wood, often called the Red Witch of the Wood, in introduced in book 1. Every rebellion needs support in the form of troops. Nikolai and Sienna are tasked with finding that support. Both attracted to each other when they first met, find that interest is still there, and stronger than ever. This wasn't a slow burn romance, but fast. 
I thought this book had something of everything. There was intrigue, a capture and torture, revenge, love, magic. There were moments I cringed, and others where I cheered. More is found out of Morgrid's plan (the EVIL queen). Other characters are introduced; some are re-introduced (nice touch that!). I loved that at the end of the book, Sienna IS the Red Witch of the Wood.
One thing that I found confusing: For being immortal (or very close to), there is a high incidence of stillborn babies and women dying in childbirth. Just saying. 
The groundwork is laid for book 3- (The White Lily- pre-ordered!) which is Friedrich's story. He is an interesting character with an interesting background (his mother was Katerina, Morgrid's only daughter. It doesn't outright say it, but I suspect she murdered her husband and then herself.)

For me (for future reference):
The Hart wolves are: Duchess, her mate Luca, her brothers Hugo and Kai. 
Allora, Bron, Connell, Dane. Dane joins the Black Lily. 
Grindal and Morgrid are the evil king and queen. The queen was the first vampire. Not Grindal as is commonly assumed. Dominik is their oldest son, Marius their youngest. Katerina their only daughter. Katerina married the Duke of Winter Hill and had Friedrich. Now Friedrich is the Duke. 
Riker is Nikolai's cousin, severely injured in this book. 
Mina was Marius's betrothed who encouraged his interest in Arabella. Now she is in a "bloodless sleep."