Break Out

Break Out - Nina Croft

Rico is a vampire, born/made in the 15th century. This takes place in 3048, Earth is no more (doesn't say why) and mankind has taken to space. That also means genetic engineering and the discovery of Meridian. Meridian is an expensive mineral that has the ability to make a person immortal. As the series continues, I'm assuming I will learn more about it. Skylar makes Rico and his crew an offer they can't refuse. Skylar has her own secrets.
This was fun. I enjoyed the interactions of the crew of the El Cazador: Tannis, Daisy, Janey, Trog, and Al. Decent action, romance, and banter. Reminded me a little of Firefly. Looking forward to the next. It looks like it picks right up after this one, but with Al and Jon.