Wrapped Up in You

Wrapped Up in You - Cyn D. Blackburn

Justin hates the holidays: with good reason, someone he was close to was killed right before. So, his colleagues (makes you like em, right?) sign him up to be a Santa for a week. Everything he collects goes to charity.
Lilly is best friends with Justin's sister. Shocker- they have a history and it's not the best one. Lilly was a bit of a bully to Justin when they were younger. To Lilly's credit, she does realize what she did when younger was wrong. 
So, of course they are paired together. Lilly, a reporter doing a story, rides with Justin for a week. I don;t mind stories like this when done well. Each side talks, forgives, is apologetic, and has empathy. I didn't care for this one much, mainly because I didn't like Justin or Lilly. Both had moments where I wanted to slap some sense into them. Lots of angst. I just didn't connect.

eARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing(Lovestruck) and NetGalley
Expected publication: was November 13th (per NetGalley) *this has changed to? (Amazon says Oct 8th, 2018. I had to go back and look at that date, yep, it says 2018). No listing on B&N.
*as of Nov 2, 2017