A Lot Like Love

A Lot like Love - Julie James

Jordan happens to be the daughter of a rich man and the sister of someone who did something stupid and is paying for it. Jordan also happens to be fucking awesome all by herself. She's a successful business woman, owning her business, a popular wine store. She knows knows everything about wine.
Nick, is an undercover FBI agent who has worked one undercover job after another. He doesn't "do" relationships. He lives her the job.
You know where this is going! See, the FBI needs her for her connection to someone. She can get the FBI in, so they can get the evidence they need to take this person down. Nick becomes Jordan's fake BF. Things happen and their fake "date" has to become more. 
I enjoyed this one so much. I loved the banter between Nick and Jordan, Nick and his family, Jordan and her family. In fact, I enjoyed this so much, I wasn't ready to say goodbye at the end of the book. An epilogue would have been nice:-) Nick has his preconceived notions of who Jordan is based strictly on the fact she has money (or in this case stands to inherit $$). Jordan quickly proves him wrong. I liked how this progressed from not-quite enemies to an admiration to lovers. 
One of the only things I didn't like about this book was how most women were struck dumb by Kyle's attractiveness. Really?! It's also a little dated with the "Lost" references (Kyle looks like Sawyer).