Hot Toy

Hot Toy - Jennifer Crusie

It's that time of year and I want to read some (hopefully) good holiday romances!! 
Trudy is a university librarian. She gets asked out by (who she thought was) one of the university professors. They go on some dates and she thinks it was going well. Until he doesn't call. 
Fast forward a few months. Trudy is at a toy store looking for the year's hottest toy for her nephew. Who else does she run into but THAT guy. Nolan. Who happens to be working undercover. 
What happened next was a matter of national security (really). This *could* have been fun. While it was different, fun it wasn't. 
Trudy, Nolan, and the secondary characters were annoying and stupid. Nolan never did gave Trudy and adequate (IMO) explanation for his silence. Trudy was all forgiving and shit. Yeah, no.