Collide & Burn

Collide & Burn - Claudy Conn

Wade is a very rich businessman who does what he wants, gets what he wants, etc. He decides he wants to buy a get away from the city. While meeting with his realtor, he hears a laugh and is entranced. He noticed the signage on the vehicle and lo-and-behold! It's on the list of properties for sale. So, he buys a horse farm.
Charlie's parents have worked 24/7 on their horse farm. They are selling in and retiring to Florida. As part of the bargain, Charlie gets to stay in an apt above the barn and, in return, help out around the farm. 
So, of course, Wade is very sexually experienced with a list of partners more than a mile long. Charlie, of course, has had 1 (I should thank my lucky stars she wasn't a virgin) and has never had good sex. You see where this is going? Yep. The sex is the bestest ever between them (of course it would be).
Wade is the typical Alpha-hole. Charlie does call him on it. I didn't like all the "baby" this and "baby" that. 
Unexpected attempted arsenic poisoning, jealous ex (being generous with the "ex" part, since Wade "doesn't do relationships").