Snowflakes, Exes, and Ohs

Snowflakes, Exes and Ohs - Melanie James

At 18, Dylan left his small town for the navy. The problem? He did so without telling his family and girlfriend Abbie. He waited until the last minute and then sprang it on them. Then, while he occasionally speaks to his mom, he has zero communication with Abbie. He also didn't want commitment and ran from relationships for the next 6 years.
Meanwhile, Abbie has something to tell Dylan, but didn't say anything when he choose to leave. She also continued to withhold the secret because of his lack of communication. His family also withheld the information from him. 
Fast forward 6 years. He is back in town for his dad's funeral. He also feels guilt for not being there for his parents and the why he handled his enlistment.
I didn't like how Abbie didn't share her news, but understood why. You want someone to be with you because they want to be, not because they think they have to or because it's expected. That being said, Emmie knew about Dylan. 
This wasn't bad, but I think if this would have been better if longer I would have liked it more. There is quick forgiveness. No groveling (IMO). Dylan very quickly got over his commitment issues. I didn't really believe it.
One last thing, the synopsis hints at a love triangle. There isn't one (thankfully). In fact, Jason is so fucking awesome, where is his story?
This wasn't a 2* read, but not really a 3* read for me. 2.5* (rounded up)