Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon: A Small Town Contemporary Romance Novella - Mindy Klasky
Lexi was burned as a child and has a fear of fire. She hides her burns and is limited due to her fear (she doesn't cook on her gas stove). She owns an ornament store. Finn was in military and now out, struggled with what to do next. He has PTSD and deals with it by drinking. He came into town with goal of meeting the parents of a deceased military friend. 
Finn and Lexi meet when he comes into her store and literally stumbles into a tree breaking all the ornaments on it. Having no money, they agree that he will work off the money owed over the next month. 
I liked both characters. Both were perfect for the other in that they each had their own scars. In meeting and developing a relationship that grew, both were able to confront their issues and work on them.