Christmas in Destiny

Christmas in Destiny: A Destiny Novel - Toni Blake
Shane's father died and on his deathbed told Shane he needed to go to Destiny. Since he was driving to Miami for a job, Shane decides to stop off and try to figure out why his dad wanted him to go there. So, snow happens and he wrecks his truck. The closest house happened to belong to Candice. 
Candice had her heart broken 5 years ago. Since then she's become somewhat of a recluse, working from home, not too involved in the town of Destiny. Although, that was slowly changing before Shane's arrival, she became more involved after. 
This started out slow for me. By around page 70ish I know who Shane was going to turn out to be. I thought Candice was too moopey and she gave her ex way too much power. BUT, the characters and this small town keep me reading anyway. Characters from previous books make appearances. Grampy and Edna! Anita and Walter! I loved how Shane jumped in and helped. He fit in.
By the end of the book, I liked Candice more. I did think the ending was rushed and would have liked more there. I still cried; happy tears. 
I was glad to see this book (had thought series ended at book 6- 3 years ago).