A Hunter Under the Mistletoe

A Hunter Under the Mistletoe: All Is BrightHeat of a Helios - Sarah Addison Allen, Karen Whiddon

2 stories: All Is Bright and Heat of a Helios by different authors.
Rafe and Gabe are brothers who own a casino. The first story is Rafe's, the 2nd is Gabe's. 
Rather then reviewing each, I'm lumping them together because my issues are similar. First, I like the cover, but it's misleading because doesn't fit the book. (Yeah, I *know* that's the first time that's happened, right?!) 
I thought this was an interesting concept, but failed in execution. Maybe I would have liked it better had they been 2 full length books by the same author? I liked Evangeline at the beginning of the book, but didn't by the end. I thought Meghan very naive and dumb.