Ruck: New Adult Sports Romance (A Completion Novel Sports Romance Book 5) - Holly S. Roberts

Van's brother Joel fell in love with one of Van's one night stands. Now, Van is jealous. He wants what he brother has. Danny has been Van's BF and secretly in love with him (yes, of course, you have no idea where this is going, right?!). Van decides he is through with one night stands and wants a forever relationship. With Danny.
I liked Danny, Van not as much. He frequently describes himself as a "man-whore." I just didn't buy their romance. The both of them liked to go out and he'd pick up the "flavor of the day" in front of her. This is Van's description of Danny: "beefy," "deeper voice," and "Her hands are not quite what I'd call sexy because they're too big for my taste." I also didn't like Van's opinion of a Prius (as someone who drives one because I care about the environment/fuel economy): "sissy-assed Prius."
I didn't need to be reminded of Van's "man-whore" status either. "I've had more blow jobs than I can count on my fingers and toes." BUT, the one he got from Danny is "the hottest thing." 
Whatever dude.
What saved this was Danny made him work for it.