Afterburn and Aftershock - Sylvia Day

Jackson (Jax) and Gianna (Gia) dated each other a few years ago. Gia fell in love and Jax left. Without a word. Fast forward 2 years. Gia is well on her way to becoming a successful business woman. Jax is still Jax. Jax happens to be a Rutledge; a family famous for their business and political clout. This is why he broke it off with her; he had Reasons. 
I was surprised I liked this as much as I did. While I didn't like Jax (surprise there) at the beginning, he grew on me and I liked him by the end of the book. Gia was awesome and I liked her. She didn't make it easy for Jax and I liked that. Gia's mentor, Lei was also likable and I could relate to her. 
The Rossi's, Gianna's family, were fucking awesome! Her brothers love her and are supportive of her without being overprotective. The Rutledges are the complete opposite of the Rossi family.
I did think Jax's "Reasons" were lame; that is what COMMUNICATION is for.