One Last Miracle

One Last Miracle (Armed & Deadly Book 1) - J.D. Tyler

Mark is a FBI agent who was shot by a suspect during a take down. This makes him re-evaluate what he wants and he retreats to his grandfather's cabin that also happens to be in a small town. Abby is the local baker. She also happens to save Mark's life when his SUV goes off the road.
Both Abby and Mark are good characters. I liked how Mark scoffed at Abby's job, agreed to spend a day working with her, and then realized it's not as easy as he thought! Pacing is quick, with a decent end. I could believe Mark's need for a change. 
This was my favorite quote:
"Except for the part where he got to meet a beautiful woman who drove a monster truck and rescued wayward agents in distress."
Then this one:
"Bread was just so fucking much trouble, he wanted to poke his own eyeballs out with a fork before he was done."