Close to the Mistletoe

Close To The Mistletoe (Westen Series Book 5) - Lyndsey Lewellen, Suzanne Ferrell

Holly goes out to support her newly divorced friend. She meets Nick. He helps her out of an embarrassing situation. They share a steamy kiss. Holly is the art and music teacher. Nick is a carpenter who moved in to help his brother, Noel, out. Noel's wife died leaving him a single father to Callie. Noel is military and will be called to active duty at any time. Nick is there to step in when that happens.
What started out as cute, turned into more annoying. I liked Holly, I liked Nick. But, really, the stalker element?! That was unnecessary and did not add anything to the plot. It also started with the way Holly was dressed. Just no. Make that fuck no. Also Callie was called Cassie at one point.