A Venetian Vampire

A Venetian Vampire - Michele Hauf

Dante and Kyler, unbeknownst to each other, set out to steal liberate a Faberge egg.  It turns out this egg is special.  It holds a spell that will have negative consequences for vampires.

Kyler steals liberates the egg.  Dante intends to steal liberate it from her.  When they meet, sparks flew and before you know it, someone else has stolen the egg from them!  I liked the push/pull, the chemistry of two characters that were incredibly attracted to each other, but each had unknown motives.  As the layers come off, trust starts to take place.  

But then there were two, yes two, kidnappings.  I also thought of Cat and Bones every time Dante called Kyler "Kitten."  They are most definitely not Cat and Bones.