More Than You Know

More Than You Know (The Harrisons) - Jennifer Gracen
Dane is opening a new hotel. To set his hotel apart, he is looking for a lounge singer to help attract guests. Julia has her regular day job and takes gigs on the side. When Dane hears Julia, he knows she would be perfect for his hotel.
Starting out, I hated Dane. He is obnoxious, elitist, entitled, and a snob. Julia was a little better. But, I didn't like her focusing so much on her past and that was effecting her present. I got irritated with the age difference (he's 36, she's 41) being brought up over and over. Not a big fucking deal! Also with Julia's bust size. Yes, I know they are large. Just stop it, please! Say it once and then move on.
I liked Dane's family, particularly Tess. I might check out her story. Julia has a few awesome friends that are supportive of her and call her on her shit. Luckily, both get their shit together. I didn't hate Dane at the end, he was okay. 

*after reading synopsis for Tess's story....probably not.