High Tea & Flip-Flops

High Tea & Flip-Flops - Linda Cassidy Lewis

Chelsea lives on the first floor of an apt complex in a dead-end job that she is overqualified for. She has a fairly new upstairs neighbor, Jeremy that she is curious about, but knows nothing about him. He comes across as a bit stuffy. 
So, yeah, no. I would have liked this had I liked Chelsea. She's an idiot. Not a likable idiot either. She's constantly making bad choices, not growing up, jealous of her best friend, and is very immature. Here's an example. She's got a business degree, but forget to pay her cable bill. She's "tired of being broke." But thinks nothing of going to the mall to shop because SALE! Whine! She is clumsy (physically and in manners), forgetful, etc. It's funny, but only to a point. She doesn't grow or mature by the end of the book. Instead, there's a "misunderstanding." It's out of left field and blown so out of proportion. 
I didn't care that much for Jeremy either. He came across as very stuck up at first and I had a very hard time getting over that. I also just didn't see the romance between him and Chelsea.