Ascension - Caris Roane
Alison has always been different. As she gotten older, these abilities have progressed and she starts to have weird dreams. Kerrick is a immortal vampire warrior; a Warrior of the Blood. His job is to protect Alison from those who would harm her. 
This was an interesting and different concept of vampires. Certain groups of humans, who have abilities get a "call" to ascend and become an immortal vampire. With wings (these take time to grow). First Earth AKA Mortal Earth is, well, earth. Second Earth is where the vampires live and is earth, but another dimension of earth. Vampires who chose to kill their victims/prey are called death vampires. The Warrior fight these vampires. There are different levels, some characters are power hungry and will go to great lengths to get power.
I found myself more intrigued by the baddie, Darian Greaves then Alison or Kerrick. I was curious to learn more about him and his own motivations. Paranormal romance has a shortage of badass warrior women who don't give a fuck what anyone says and have power. That's Endelle, the leader/head of the Warriors. She's interesting too; I wanted to learn more about her. 
Alison, fairly cookie cutter, has soooo much power and is perfect. She's attracted to Kerrick, but feels she can't have him because she might hurt him. Kerrick wants Alison, but can't be with her because Reasons. He's also the typical Alpha-hole how thinks "MINE, no one touch or look at her.!"
Not bad, not great. Average. Feel like book (461 pgs) could have used a trim.