Angel in Chains

Angel in Chains - Cynthia Eden
After the last book, I really was looking forward to Az's story. Was disappointed in this one. In the first book of the series, Az is the angel in charge, with power and in the second he fell and was confused (confusion happens when an angel falls). In this one, with his memory restored, he is pissed and all about what he can do to get his wings back. 
Brandt was the typical alpha-hole of many a paranormal; except in this one he wasn't the "hero," but the villain (and he's is considerably more violent. I was mainly referring to the "it doesn't matter what you want, you're MINE!" phenomena of some other paranormal books). Don't worry, he gets what's coming to him. At first, Az and Jade's relationship is about using the other. It develops into something more.
I can't put my finger on what my issue was with this book, except I just wasn't feeling it. I did enjoy the first 2 books. Something that came out of this one: maybe falling isn't a punishment, but a new opportunity.