Pretty When She Dies

Pretty When She Dies  - Rhiannon Frater

This had such a good beginning. This was brutal and dark. Amaliya is attacked and buried. She wakes up and digs herself out of her grave. Confused and starving, she kills. And she comes up with a plan to attempt to figure it all out.
It lost me with the cheating. Cian is engaged to Samantha. Amaliya shows up and quickly they are attracted to each other. It wouldn't have irritated me if Cian and Samantha broke up first. I'm not sure how old Samantha is, but all the petulant foot stooping got old fast and made me dislike her. Even though I didn't like her, I didn't like Cian's decision to sleep with Amaliya. I just couldn't get on board with Amaliya and Cian's relationship. No slow burn there.
Innocente, Amaliya's grandmother is the best thing about this book!