Murder Most Horrid (Witches of Crystal Cove book 1)

Murder Most Horrid - Emma Watts

I could have done without the prologue. This was okay. Everything wraps up nice and neat. I assume Jane's mother's death will be dealt with at some point in time; it sounds suspicious. It would have been nice for the characters to be a little more fleshed out. Jane has an epiphany and very easily, quickly solves the mystery. It was over and done with very quickly. One thing that was good- no cliffhanger!
There were some things that did take me out of the story. There was the occasional, weird (IMO) phrasing, a few examples: "A gentle amount of snow was coming down." and "Jane pulled up in front of the low-income housing." There was a moment that goes from 3rd person, to 1st, and right back to 3rd. Then some inconsistencies; it's snowing heavily, then the sun is blinding. It's below zero outside, and a tire gets stuck in mud.