Dark Desires

Dark Desires  - Eve Silver

I really enjoyed this one.  Darcie is a survivor and has been through tragedy.  She finds her sister, Mrs (Abigail) Feather, who runs a brothel.  Abigail is also a survivor and has made the best of her situation.  She directs Darcie to seek employment with Dr Damien Cole.

Damien is a mystery.  There was certain moments where his motives and character where questioned.  Darcie, at first cautious, gradually trusts and throws caution to the wind.  Not everything is as it seems.  

I admired Darcie for her escape from a harrowing event.  She shares her story with Damien.  Damien finally comes clean with his secret.  There were times that I thought Darcie was a little too meek, but then she'd shrug it off.  She did have one TSTL moment at the end.  But, hey, the killer was unmasked.

What I really liked about Damien was his being able to see women as equal to men.  "There are not women in medical school, " Damien repeated.  "Yet."