Updrift - Errin Stevens

I would have DNF'd this had I not needed a mermaid book for Ripped Bodice Bingo. I owned this one and have too many books to go and buy something new I knew I would like and would fit this category. 
I'm hiding this behind a page break because I can't review this book without spoilers. Rant ahead.


Ripped Bodice Bingo!!!!!: Mermaids

Holy fuck, what DID I just read? 
Kate is 6 when the book starts. Part one is so slow and it took me FOREVER to wade through. Part 2 and 3 DO pick up and more happens. 
Back to Part 1. Kate goes from 6 to about 17 in this one. I did like how Kate and Gabe first met. I liked the introduction to the world, the various friendships, and personalities. 
I didn't like the secrecy. It sucks when you feel you should know something and people you trust don't in turn trust you enough to share. That is this WHOLE book. Kate does finally find out Gabe is a merman (he likes the term siren better). But....all that build up and BOOM! It's over. Kate doesn't question it, wasn't surprised. Nope. 
Sirens have to ability to influence people. Imagine this: 
Human: "Oh my, the sky is so blue and pretty today! The sun is shining and I love the warmth on my face!"
Siren: "Oh, no it's not. It's cloudy and rainy."
Human: "Oh yeah, I'm cold. Let's go in and get out of the rain."
Yeah, didn't like this. There were several instances when it affected a character's personal choice to go do something. 
Siren's (the guys, I don't know about the gals) have the ability to hold a female's wrist and tell if they are ovulating. If they have sex, there is a 100% chance of pregnancy. Holy shit, that's not creepy at all!
I HATED the Will and Dana storyline. What was the point? Dana is Cara's sister and Kate's aunt. Both Dana and Will decided not to have kids and then both have a mid-life crisis where they regret the decision. One's a cheater, alcoholic who decides to commit suicide, but is saved......by sirens. And wouldn't you know it; are happily pregnant at the end of the book. 
I didn't like the Peter storyline either. Really? I'm supposed to believe that this particular siren is soooo talented he can fool anyone believing he is someone else? *Eye roll* Yeah, of course Peter had "mommy issues." Asshole. And Gabe discovers he has abilities previously unknown and saves the day!
Kate worked her ass off for her degree, but decides at the end BABIES!