Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law - Sandy James
Whelp. That's done. I really liked the 80's movie "Maid to Order," with Ally Sheedy. This is similar, except it's a guy who has to work for a living (and there are other differences, but the concept is the same). I wish I could say this worked for me.
My main issue is Seth. Yes, he's an Asshole. He had moments, for example, he got attached to the horses and I would think, he's changing! But, then, he'd open his mouth and something shitty would come out. (An example: "No woman's worth that much money.") While he does get better, it wasn't enough for me. I also didn't like how he *suddenly* got so good at the job. Going from groom to trainer to driver? Really? 
While I liked Katie, I thought she got weak at the end. Here is this strong, ambitious, driven woman, who (why???!!!) decides to marry someone that she loves as a friend only. Eh? I really didn't understand how fast she fell for Seth. I also have to point how the plot-line: "I was told I would have a difficult time getting pregnant." Horseshit. That might be true in Real Life, but in Romancelandia? Yeah, not a problem at all! It's a plot device.
All my nitpicking aside? I stayed up this morning until 1230am to finish it. I did like that it took place in Indiana, where I lived from 1986-2006. I lived Indianapolis and worked at Methodist Hospital. Dan Patch Raceway I imagined was like Hoosier Park in Anderson. 
I did like Ross and will read his story. (It's also got one of my favorite tropes).
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