A Lady's Guide to Passion and Property

The Lady's Guide to Passion and Property - Kate Moore
Lucy inherited her father's inn after his death. She is content to live, work, and care for Adam, a blind elderly man. But, her friends, believe she should sell the inn and get married. Enter Harry, ex-military, now spy. He is tasked with finding out Adam's story (after 20 years).
This one was okay. There were moments where I felt I was missing something (some of the relationships were already established- Nate and Miranda, the club are examples). I really didn't see the romance between Lucy and Harry. They didn't have much dialogue IMO. 
I did like and I also thought the romance between Nate and Miranda was better. It felt like they talked more than Harry and Lucy. I could see them together. Harry and Lucy? Nope. 
I liked the mystery of who Adam was (and one of the main characters as well), but I felt let down by that too. It was never really explained what happened to Penelope (I know what happened- but the why was left hanging). Penelope's offspring just found out they have family still living. Nothing happens with that. It was just wrapped up too quickly and too many loose ends. 
While I know this was the 2nd in a series (I haven't read the first one), because this had a new couple getting their HEA, I expected things to be wrapped up more than they were. Oh, and Harry found a glove in the woods that had been there 20 years (moved a pile of leaves and there it was!). And the hidden compartments in the coach I expected to have a place in the mystery/story. 

eARC courtesy of NetGalley and Kensington Books
Published July 3, 2018