Death Defying

Death Defying - Nina Croft

This opens with how Tannis met Rico.  It had been hinted at, but it was good to read about her background.  Their first meeting explains so much of their friendship.  More about the Church, the Council, Meridian, Trakis Seven, Trakis One.  Callum's character was an interesting one.  He started out as an asshole, I didn't like him, but gradually eventually I did.  Tannis and Callum have a bit of a slow burn romance (if you count about a week).  There are new characters in this one and the death of 2.  I'm enjoying this series.  I like how each is about a couple, but there is a huge underlying story-line the connects each book.  I also love how the characters are in each one.  Think Firefly.  This is a chosen family.

Spoilers behind page break (mainly for my memory to help keep things straight).

For Ripped Bodice Bingo I am using this for the Extreme Location square (Space in the distant future)

For my memory
Book 3 ends as they (purposfully) were swallowed by the black hole by Trakis One (the prison planet). They discover Trakis One (the ship from earth). Tannis gets her Meridian treatment. "Meridian" are alien life forms; I was a bit confused about what exactly it *is*
Rico (vampire) + Skylar (Meridian-ite; for lack of a better word)- book 1
Al AKA Alex (former high priestess of the Church, now turned werewolf) + Jon (former assassin+werewolf) book 2; find out they are expecting in book 3.
Tannis (GM; human +snake DNA, captain) + Callum (Meridian-ite, the first to find it and have it "latch on." He has wings) Book 3
Daisy - GM- human with plant. She is green. She's very kind, but protective of her family.
Janey- red hair, computer Genius hates men, has a story (I think she killed her husband, ?abusive?)- murdered book 3
The Trog- AKA Tristan Starke, brother of Devil who is the leader of the Resistance. Murdered in book 3
Devlin- "joined" the crew in book 3