Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan
I really wanted to see this movie and decided to read the book first (and of course go see the movie!). So, this is safe to say a book review and a little bit of a movie review too. The rating is strictly for the BOOK.
The book:
Oh my, so many characters so much going on. It is not just about Nick and Rachel. Rachel's best friend Peik Lin. It's also about Astrid and her husband Michael. Astrid making a connection with someone from her past (Charlie). I thought there was just too much going on. Too many characters to keep track of. I wish the story has just focused on Nick and Rachel. Rachel's family history is also a lot more complicated.****more in the page break
It's an interesting look at location, wealth, culture. 
The movie:
I loved this and will be owning it when it is available to own. 
The movie did focus on Nick and Rachel, breaking down their trip to a period of a week or so as opposed to a whole summer. I just thought it flowed better. The HEA was also very clear. 
Ripped Bodice Bingo: Book That Is Now a Movie

Kerry, Rachel's mom, was married to an abusive man (Fang Min). She was young (18) when she got married and felt like she was stuck. She met and fall in love with another man (Kao Wei) and got pregnant. After Rachel was born and the whole family disappointed in her femaleness, what gave her mother the courage to leave was her in-laws planning on blinding Rachel. That way Kerry could have had a 2nd child (if the 1st has a disability). She was able to flee to the US. Kao Wei never knew he was a father (and in this case, I understand why Kerry didn't tell him).
At the end of the book, Nick and Rachel are not engaged. They are still together, but not engaged.