Darkest Heart

Darkest Heart - Juliette Cross

eARC courtesy of NetGalley and Entangled Publishing.
Release date: 8/20/18

Anya, former guardian of children turned angelic warrior is bitten by a demon prince. The bite will eventually allow him to control her. Only one individual can help, Uriel. Problem is, he is missing. Enter Dommiel. Dommiel is a fall angel, now a high demon. However, he is outcast amongst the demons. Together, these two must find Uriel.
Overall, I enjoyed this. I thought the world was dark and ugly, but interesting. Angels and demons are at war. Interestingly, neither side cares about the humans who are caught in the middle. Demons use humanity as slaves. Neither side cares if they get in the way- it's a consequence of war. There is violence and torture, talk of rape. 
Both Anya and Dommiel are likable. I could get on board with their love story even though 2 tired old tropes are evident. This one: Dommiel has so much experience (because of course he does!) and Anya didn't (yes, she's been in existence for hundreds of years but has remained a VIRGIN. Because that's was GOOD women do). And this one: "Catching a glimpse of his growing arousal-to a size I'd not known was possible-I gasped and ran out of the bathroom...." *Sigh*
I thought the character Bone was intriguing and I would like to learn more about her.
I did like that in this one, just because a character was an angel didn't automatically equal good. And vice versa, being a demon didn't automatically equal bad. Many shades of gray. This is a spin off of the Vessel trilogy (first book Forged in Fire) and I think if I had read that first, I would have enjoyed this more.