A Shift in the Water

A Shift in the Water - Patricia D. Eddy
I was pleasantly surprised. Mara is dying. She has a blood disorder that no one can figure out and is transfusion dependent. The only time she feels better is when she is in the water.
Cade is a born werewolf. He father made an enemy who murdered him and is not after Cade. Katerina captures him and traps him in his wolf form. He is held prisoner, tortured, and slowly starved to death. 
Cade is able to escape and finds Mara. Being around Cade's wolf, Mara feels better. Mara helps heal both the wolf and the man. I liked both Cade and Mara. What I especially liked was Cade is not a typical alpha. I thought they fit very well. Their attraction and love gradually builds, no insta-love here. That was also a plus. 
Mara's chosen family and Cade's pack are supportive and add to the interplay between the 2 main characters. 
One of Katerina's coven, Bella, might actually be someone else. (Liam's love jumped off a cliff and her body was never found, she was an air elemental like Bella).