Curious (The Finn Factor) (Volume 1) - R.G. Alexander
Jeremy and Owen have been best friends and have known each other for most of their lives. Owen happens to be straight. Jeremy happens to be bisexual. Jeremy has been secretly in love with Owen and I'll say vice versa. Owen has been "curious" about what sex with Jeremy would be like.
This was HOT. Just looking at it from an erotica standpoint, this was well done. Hot, hot, hot sex scenes. My eye balls were on fire! But, while I do like erotica, I like it even better when there is more of a plot too. This was weak (IMO) on plot and character development. I feel this is important to note: NO SLUT SHAMING! 
For me:
Jeremy- parents kicked him out, didn't like their bisexual son. Lived with Aunt. Considers the Finns to be his family.
Owen-a Dom at the local club, Jeremy's BF
Tasha-Jeremy's female fuck buddy (not anymore) and Jeremy's 2nd BF
Jen- youngest Finn. Broke engagement to asshole.
Seamus- owns the bar, single father (4? kids)
Stephen- senator. He and Tasha have a thing. Seamus's twin.