Wicked Days

Wicked Days  - Lily Harper Hart

This is one of those books I have to write the review out before settling on a * rating. So Ivy lives in a small town and happens to be a witch. She's around 28 (I think- didn't mention ages, but I know (or assume) it's been at least 10 years since she's been out of high school). Jack is around 30. Jack had Something Bad happen and he decided to move to Shadow Lake from Detroit. Re: the Something Bad- I know he got shot and there is a mention of a betrayal. What happened (I'm assuming) will be revealed in a future book.
Ivy finds a body in her yard on Jack's first day on the job. There is an instant connection between Ivy and Jack. But, very little romance in this one. There is a lot (A LOT) of back and forth with Ivy and Jack. They felt younger than the ages they are supposed to be. Jack sees Ivy with her brother and automatically assumes she lied to him about having a boyfriend. Ivy was rude to her aunt.
I thought this was weird too- Ivy's father confronting Jack on his interest in Ivy/Ivy's interest in him. Um, Micheal, you just met Jack. Jack and Ivy have known each other for a few weeks? Just weird. 
After all the "I'm not looking for a relationship," (from both) and the constant reminding of Ivy being a witch, I was just tired and irritated. At the least the mystery wasn't too bad.