Dead Spots

Dead Spots - Rhiannon Frater

Dead Spots= places that are abandoned, but were inhabited, important, and/or loved back in their heyday. A Dead Spot can be manipulated.
Book opens with Mackenzie happily marries to Tanner and 8 months pregnant with their son, Joshua. She loses the baby. My heart broke for her as she grieves and no one really understood her grief. Tanner leaves her. She loses her job. She come to the realization that their friends were really Tanner's friends. Her best friend lives across the country.
Fast forward 6 months later and Mackenzie is freshly divorced and on her way to her mom's. Her mom happens to have OCD, but not not is spend on her mental disorder. What did come across, was her mother was a judgmental bitch. Mackenzie almost hits a deer and stops to explore an bandoned cafe and accidentally gets trapped in a Dead Spot. 
What follows is a nightmare world, fears are given free reign. Nothing and no one is as they seem or first appear. Maybe they are trustworthy.....or not.
Mackenzie was frustrating at first. She did, eventually, morph into someone who kicked ass and took names, but it took the whole book to get there. I did like that there really isn't any romance in this one- it was fitting for the character and setting. Lust yes. Love no. I did like this, I was invested.
I would have liked more at the end. It was a little too abrupt. A little more would have been nice. 

Halloween Bingo:  Modern Masters of Horror

Spoilers behind page break.

How did they explain their absence? How much time went by while they were in the alternate reality? Mackenzie was gone for 5(?) days, Luke- I don't know, and Johnny for decades. 
I liked the Grant story-line. When Luke appeared, I was worried about a love triangle (oh hell no!). 
People are definitely not what they seem. I didn't like the dream-rape sequence, but it fit in with what Grant was- an incubus wraith.