The Kingdom

The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens

Wow! So, this book answer the of the questions from The Restorer. Amelia's parentage is answered. This focuses much less on cemetery restoration and more on this creepy, small town. No one likes to talk. There is also a secondary story-line with Ivy. I'm not sure if I would have nixed that or given her more depth. I did like this one a bit better then the first book. 
I did find it annoying Amelia's brooding over Devlin. While he wasn't on the page, he was still very present. I thought Thane could have been a new love interest, but I can't say more other than you get a definitive answer in that possibility!
I can make assumptions about the "Evil." Thus far, no concrete answers were given in regards to let. Like what makes the area vulnerable? What is it exactly? I liked Amelia's new side kick Angus. And on that note, Thane found (I assume) the dog fighting ring. But shortly after, Amelia noted Hugh's face was beat up too. So, did Hugh help Thane? Or was Hugh behind the dog fighting? No answer (that I remember) was given. 
I also wound't label this romance; it's categorized as paranormal romance. I consider this series to be more in line with urban fantasy. The romance takes a back seat. It's more about Amelia, her world, her job, her abilities, and (yes) finding herself and what she is capable off.
Booklikes Bingo: Ghost Stories square.

Major spoilers behind page break

Amelia's parents were Freya and Edward. Her grandmother Tilly, her grandfather (Caleb) was her adoptive father. Both her grandparents and mother had paranormal abilities (Tilly- premonitions, Caleb-ghosts, Freya-ghosts (and I think she had premonitions too if memory is right). Freya was murdered by Luna. But, Hugh, Catrice, Bryn were all complacent in her death. Pell Asher helped cover her death up. He also had a hand in Thane's fiance (or did she?) and Edward's wife deaths. Hugh, Catrice, Bryn, and Pell all perish (I assume) at the end when Pell's mansion slides down the hill after severe rainstorms flood the area.