Possessing the Witch

Possessing the Witch - Elle James

Excellent start from the point of Amanda, the victim. This is the first book I've read in this series, and luckily it stands on it's own. I enjoyed the sisters. I liked the idea of a group of people living in the tunnels under the city- by choice because of they way they were born or by circumstance.
Good heroine that saves the hero. It was nice she didn't need saving. The romance (and sex) is quick to happen, but I thought it worked.
The villain wasn't special and you can guess easily who it is. I'm surprised this person had gotten away with it so long, but then when

it's your brother, someone you trust, blinders come into play.

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Lets see if I get this right- Selene gift of spirit, Brigid- fire, Deme- Earth, Aurai- Wind/weather, and Gina- Water. I'd be interested in other books featuring the Chattox sisters.

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