Magic to the Bone

Magic to the Bone - Devon Monk

In this world anyone can use magic. Magic was "discovered." However, magic comes with a price that user must pay. And, of course, people being assholes, could choose to not pay the price and "Offload" it someone else. That's where Allie comes in. She is a Hound and finds those that abuse magic.
So, yes! I was excited. This was different! I liked the writing and world building. It was interesting. However, I had Issues with Allie. I thought she was immature, lacked common sense, and was a little TSTL. She couldn't hold on to money to save her life. At the beginning, Allie is Hounding a hit on Boy. The magic signature (magic leaves a traceable signature) points at her father. Allie goes and confronts her father. He denies it and she does a truth spell (also supposed to be infallible) that shows he is telling the truth. Then something happens to her father and Allie is blamed for it. She knows she didn't do it. So, does she question the Hounding result from earlier. Nope. Still believes dear old dad is responsible.
I'm not sure how I feel about magic's effect on Allie either. She gets sick/has pain and also memory loss. She loses random, important memories. One one hand, it's both a different and convenient plot point, and the other hand I thought it was sad. She quotes earlier in the book: "Sometimes I felt like a ghost in my own life."
Zayvion is a mystery. I liked Nola, Cody, and Kitten.
I'm probably not going to read anymore in this series. Allie was an exercise in frustration and also sadness.
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