Girl in Disguise

Girl in Disguise - Greer Macallister

I picked this up because it interested me. A book about the first female Pinkerton detective? A woman that not much is known? (Although much more would have been known had the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 not happened).
I loved this book. Yes, it's based on a real life person. And yes, it's a work of fiction. But, I think the author did the real Kate Warne justice. It showed what a woman had to go through to be able to prove herself, support herself. I found this book uplifting, interesting, and fascinating. What kept this from getting a full-on 5, but I thought too much was packed in the pages. Maybe this would have worked out better had it been 2 or 3 books? I found myself wanting more!
And I will say this- this is what I needed in this day and age of Trump, Kavanaugh, and all that bullshit. A book about a strong, intelligent, and unconventional woman. I'm hoping to enjoy my next read as much as I enjoyed this one. Cheers!

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