Wicked Weaves

Wicked Weaves - Jim Lavene, Joyce Lavene

Being set at a renaissance fair, this set itself apart from a lot of the other mysteries. Jessie being the name of the main character and I was all set! (Jessie is my youngest sister's name). 
This ended up being disappointing. I really didn't like Jessie and found her to be judgmental and immature. She was "thirty-something" (if my memory is right, she is 32) and an assistant professor, but acted much younger. I couldn't imagine her teaching! The first part of the book was the worst; what came out of her mouth wasn't very thought out or empathetic. It did get better (or I got used to it) as the book went on. This quote sums it up nicely: "I was taking some serious grief over this whole thing, and I wasn't sure why. I'd done all I could to help Mary. It seemed to me she could be a little grateful."
The main male character had an eye-rolling name. Chase Manhattan. "My parents were into banking. You know how it is." Yeah, actually I don't and don't want to. The romance in this was just okay. Again, for people in their thirties I expected more assertiveness. 
I doubt I will read this rest.

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