Hell On Wheels

Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker

Well, I liked it, but didn't really like it...I have some nitpicks. So, Ali's got some people after her and she goes to her brother's best friend for help. She's known him (and been in love with him) for over a decade and vice versa.
This had a decent amount of suspense. The characters are likable. But, the romance was so-so. It's the "I'm in love with best friend's sibling" trope, but can't have them because it's my best friend's sibling/not good enough. Whatever. Last I checked both were adults and didn't need anyone's permission. I thought the back and forth (I want you, but can't have you! and Made a move/said something, but then a push back) was too much and lasted too long before they finally got together. I also thought the ending a bit rushed. 
Ali was a well written character. I felt I knew her. Nate not so much. I knew next to nothing about him and that was the same at the end. While I liked Ali, be warned. She has a weak stomach and threw up 4 times. The other thing? She doesn't cuss. It's crapola. HE double hockey sticks. Frank even apologies for cussing (yes, women have delicate ears and will go ape shit should they hear a curse word!). Insert eye-roll here.
I thought Becky and Frank (who also happen to be the couple featured in the next book) had a strong story-line in this book. I am definitely pro-Becky. I thought she was fantastic and kick ass. I loved that she was so unconventional. Frank? I'm calling him a misogynistic asshole! I thought Becky was tolerated, because they NEED her skills, but at the same time, was not really one of THEM. Her goal is to be one of THEM. She takes steps to make that happen, and Frank, tells her she will never be one of them. And if she leaves, he will sabotage her chances. Now, it doesn't say what his reasoning was (beyond "for her own good"), but I can't help but think it's because: 1. Becky is a woman. 2. He likes Becky. 3. He must therefore "protect" her. I'm curious if he redeems himself because I thought this book had good, strong female characters that didn't venture into TSTL territory and could hold their own.
Featured in this book: Frank (Boss), Rebecca (Becky), Ethan (Ozzie), Dan (Dan Man), Patti
Someone does die. Wonder if Dagan will join?
Mentioned: Billy (Becky's brother), Christian, Rock, Steady, Mac, Jamin

Halloween Bingo:  Suspense square.