Buried Truth

Buried Truth (A Siren Cove Novel) - Jannine Gallant
This was an average read for me, but after finishing it, I had too many issues with the events towards the end. See the spoiler. I can't give this more than a 1*.
So Leah dumped Ryan they were 18, heading off to college, because she felt they were 'too different." Ryan, hurt by this, always held himself back in relationships. Leah marries an asshole and divorced him when she realized he was an asshole. She regrets what she did to Ryan. He is the "one who got away" for lack of a better phrase. 
For their issues, I thought Leah and Ryan fell in love quickly before really talking about things. It was irritating at times when she'd dwell on the past repeatedly (move on please. I know you regret it, this is the umpteenth time it's been said. Just stop!). Likewise, Ryan as well. Dude, you were 18! And now you are both 30, you've lived, and (I assume) know exactly what you want!
The suspense I thought was lame. There was a secondary story-line of someone stealing from seniors (fake real estate). More time should have been devoted to this, or it should have been left out. It didn't add to the primary story-line. It was distracting. I thought the end was a bit rushed. I still don't know who put the film in the time capsule. (Not that it matters).
And really? 
Satan worshipers? A sacrifice on Samhaim? I didn't like the reference to a pentagram automatically meaning Satanism. While it is a symbol for that, the pentagram means many different things. Ditto in regards to Samhain. Plus, were Edgar and Sloan aware of the group? 
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