Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance - Kate Marsh;Katie MacAlister

So, Karma is a half human house "cleaner" (she exorcises haunted homes) who agrees to "clean" one last home in exchange for a divorce. Spider (nice name huh?) won't contest it. There are imps, domovoi, poltergeists (or polter).
I admit to a little confusion at the start, with all the terms. Everything is gradually explained however. This was a nice mystery and I didn't see the ending coming (although I should have- there were clues that I didn't pay attention to). I enjoyed the characters and the interactions. They were snarky and fun. Pixie AKA Desdemona AKA Obsidian Angel AKA Morbent Vixen (and it continues) was an interesting character and I was glad there were answers in regards to her background. Spider (an asshole, and a plain rotten human being) got what he deserved and another character does too!
I did still have a few questions about the Akashic league and wergeld, but oh well. This was a fun read! This looks to be the only book, but could have worked as a series I think.

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