Human and Freakn'

Human and Freakn' - Eve Langlais

Ruth's sister is kidnapped and worried about her, unable to just sit at home and wait for news, she flies out to search for her. Kendrick and Joel, best friends, are part of the shifter search crew. Expectantly, they realize Ruth is both their mates. But she's human!
While at first Kendrick was a mean asshole to Ruth, he eventually explained why and made it up to her. I didn't like Ruth's fixation on her size, and the boys, for what it's worth, did notice it, but it wasn't an issue for them. This, of course, lead to a misunderstanding at the end that needed to be remedied.
This ends in a cliffhanger 

Stu gets arrested

(show spoiler)

 setting up book 6. Book 5 is Ruth's sister's story. I'm going right into Ruth's story (although I'm pretty sure I'm going to have issues with it).

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