Jungle Freakn' Bride

Jungle Freakn' Bride - Eve Langlais
I jumped right into this one right after reading Human and Freakn'. From the events in that book and from the synopsis, I thought I would have issues with this one. And I was not wrong. Huge issues with this one. In fact, if this was the 1st book, I would have thought "fuck this series" andwouldn't have bothered to read any more. But, it's not and each book is about someone different (thankfully). 
The following quote says it all: "Outside the village, women didn't exist to serve their husbands. They worked and lived independently. They owned property. Voted. Had opinions. Choices. Raised in a male-orientated society, the adjustment in thinking proved jarring and Acat didn't always succeed in hiding his misogynistic views." That, that, and that is why this book sucked ass. This is a fun series, but skip book 5. Not. Missing. A. Thing. 
Then there was this: 
Carlie was turned into a jaguar without her consent. 
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