Luck of the Dragon

Luck of the Dragon - Susannah Scott

A book about dragons? A heroine with a PhD in gemology who also happens to have a thieving past? Sounds interesting!
In reality? "Holy Mary, Joseph, and Peter!" (Lucy says this way too much). Eh. I was disappointed. I understand family loyalty. But. But, at some point there needs to be a line drawn. Lucy was a doormat when it came to her twin brother. He showed time and time again, he was all about himself. Never once did he show remorse or regret. 
I didn't have any issues with Alec. I thought he was too quick to forgive and trust. Yes, Lucy finally realized she was a doormat, but I thought it was a little too late.
I liked the idea of dragons hiding in plain sight. I like the idea of the male dragons losing their dragon form and becoming human if they don't find their mate. The women don't have that problem. It's a nice power change. I did like Alec's 2nd and 3rd (Leo and Darius) who get their stories in books 2 and 3. It would be nice for Lilly Belle to get her story, I thought she was interesting and stood out to me. I hope Joey's character is gone for good, but with the mark, who knows? I do know I won't read his story, selfish bastard.