For Seven Nights Only

For Seven Nights Only (Chase Brothers) - Sarah Ballance

Kelsie is the maid of honor at her sister's wedding and she desperately doesn't want to go alone (the best man is her ex and the groom's brother). Sawyer is an upstairs neighbor with an revolving door of women. They come to an agreement that he will help her land a date to the wedding.
Firstly, who invites a blind date- someone they have NEVER met to their home?! They've conversed online only. Yeah, no, that was stupid. I was ambivalent about Kelsie (aside from inviting a stranger to her home). I outright didn't like Sawyer. He was a man-whore who get jealous whenever Kelsie would talk to another guy. That was the whole point of taking her under his wing. But, wait! Kelsie is different!! I think what drew Sawyer to Kelsie was she didn't fall at his feet. I just couldn't get into the romance.