Notorious Pleasures

Notorious Pleasures - Elizabeth Hoyt

Lady Hero was introduced in book 1. She was an interesting character. Maybe a little judgmental, but kind. Griffin, the younger brother, but also the financial manager of his brother's funds. Hero is engaged to Griffin's older brother Thomas (the Marquis of Mandeville). 
Hero and Griffin's first meeting was...interesting....and I have to admit if it had happened after they had already met, I might not have kept reading and thrown the book across the room. But it did work, this being their introduction, and then finding out the identities. Hero is very proper and was engaged to a very proper man. I didn't like Thomas when first met on the page and he never became someone of character IMO. 

His treatment of Lavinia for one. Secondly he fucking hit Hero! 

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Hero's brother, Maximus, was one I didn't have an opinion on, but after his actions regarding Thomas- after he knew what he did to Hero; I decided I didn't like him.
Griffin's character was interesting. It made for an interesting dynamic with how he made his family's fortune and his brother's actions against that "industry." The epidemic of cheap gin was an issue. His was a character maybe I shouldn't have liked, but I did. 
Hero and Griffin really worked for me. I really liked this book and found it hard to put down. I also got to read more about Silence (and she's next!), Winter, and the Home. 
I wonder if the Ladies Syndicate for the Benefit of the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children will be a "player" in future books? Margaret might become a donor.
Character guide- will have spoilers

WI #1: 
Temperance and Lazarus's story. Temperance has 2 sisters, 3 brothers. Oldest is Verity, Concord (runs the brewery), Asa (no one knows what he does), Winter (runs the foundling home, teaches, possibly in the "Ghost of St Giles"), Silence (married to William- his ship is lost at sea in book 2. He had his cargo stolen (all of it) in book 1. Silence, thinking to help, going to Charming Mickey (the person who stole the goods) to get them back. It works, but Silence had to spend the night with him. Nothing happened, but she had to make it look like it did. No one, not her family, believes her that nothing happened).
St John is Lazarus's friend, his wife (I assume), Clara is sick
NP #2:
Griffin (Lord Reading) and Lady Hero Batten's story.
Hero's family: Brother Maximus Batten- Duke of Wakefield (active in parliament and HATES gin)
Phoebe- 17 and is slowly going blind. Was told she wouldn't be having a Season. Please say she gets a story! Parents were murdered in St Giles.
Griffin's: Thomas, Marquis of Mandeville in love with an older, un-titled woman (Lavinia) and is an asshole about it. Sisters Caro (married) and Margaret. Mother (I don't remember if she was given a Name or not- but she is loving and supportive).

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