Paradise 21

Paradise 21 - Aubrie Dionne

Well, I am a bit disappointed that for such a futuristic book (the crew of the New Dawn have been in space for about 300 years and have another 200 years to go) had way too many patriarchal assholes. Men are the ones in power with women (mostly) in a helpmate/breeding role. Ick. 
Aries was born on the ship and had her job and husband all picked out for her. Barliss was chosen for her and all he sees in her is what she can do for him and give him. She plans her escape and reaches a desert planet Sahara 354. 
I thought that was interesting and wish more time had been spent on the natives there. Barliss (of course) comes after her and destroys what he sees as in his way. I wanted him to have either some epiphany that he was as asshole OR have something (bad) happen to him. He gets rewarded instead. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending with Tiff and Loot.
While the falling in love was fast, there wasn't much romance in this one. Overall, while I liked it, I'm not sure if I will continue on with this series. Book 2 has an overall higher average then this one, so maybe 1 more?